Fermented serrano chili sauce

Fermented serrano chili sauce

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"My heart is the serrano pepper, and my personality is made from habanero pepper, chipotle and a whole artillery of spices that enrich me. Intense, complex, a orgy of flavours. A character and a body forged during 3 years of fermentation, without haste."

Intense flavor and medium spiciness, its fruit nuances evoke the Caribbean.

Made from fermented serrano peppers, habanero peppers, chipotle and an artillery of spices, Ruda is a sauce that is both complex and unique.

Goes very well with: Red and white meat, potato omelet, rice and pasta. The more daring will combine it without a filter, by adding it to a pizza but also to a plate of oysters.

Flavour: intense, acetic with hints of Caribbean fruit

Spiciness level: medium

Composition: Apple vinegar*, serrano pepper*, chipotle pepper*, morita pepper*, raw salt*, water pepper*, habanero pepper*, Carolina Reaper*, Hibiscus flower*, allspice*, aromatic herbs*

*Organic labeled products

Net weight: 100ml