The little story

Behind Bouiboui

Originally the BOUIBOUI is the small local restaurant that does not look like much but in reality reveals many unexpected treasures. At Bouiboui Shop, we have brought together under one platform a selection of nuggets that change over time and the seasons.

Nhu, the founder is from Vietnam, grew up in Toulouse and then began her little adult life in London for 5 years. She has worked in several com agencies specializing in food & drink and all these experiences have allowed her to discover an incredible diversity in gastronomy. It is no coincidence that she recently chose to put down her suitcases in San-Sebastián in Spain, one of the capitals of world gastronomy.

Bouiboui Shop represents this diversity through a selection of products from around the world. A nomadic platform, in the era of time, which brings together unique products and collaborates with ethical and ecological brands. The choice of items is mainly based on the materials / ingredients used but also on their aesthetics.

How does she find the products? She visits grocery stores as if she were visiting a museum. Lots of markets, farms and she also flips through magazines to keep up with the latest trends.

The warehouses are based between Toulouse and San-Sebastián.

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Please note that we work with very limited stocks. Hello!