Bloody Josef

Bloody Josef

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Prepared with organic Italian tomatoes with lightly torched skin, organic celery and magnificent red Habanero peppers that grew in Brussels.

Basically Josef is Marie's comrade, they would have had a crush in their youth at the kolkhoz but it's not very clear... They say that since then he drinks a lot of cocktails based on Vodka and juice tomato, to forget it. But Josef is also a big foodie, in fact he really has the slab: he loves pasta and pretty much everything that can be eaten, he will replace imperialist ketchup and capitalist sriracha with great pleasure.

The Bloody Josef is the people's little sauce that's super easy to use.

The production has been limited to 232 vials.

Heat: 5/10

Ps: All the sauces produced are made from peppers that grow in Brussels in aquaponics! They also grow within 2km of where the sauces are produced!

Composition: tomato, cider vinegar, celery, habaneros peppers, spring water, brown sugar, Guérande salt

Net weight: 100ml

Keep cool after opening