Matshi Corn Kombucha

Matshi Corn Kombucha

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The Social Food team concocted a sauce made with corn, pollen, habanero, chipotle and kombucha.

It's a sauce that combines chilli and kombucha from @my.fermentation. The latter has fermented long enough to replace the vinegar and thus provides the right touch of acidity.

We obtain a super sweet mixture with complex, slightly toasted notes and a natural sweetness provided by corn 🌽

On the chilli side, we will find the fruity yellow habanero of the @pepinierevessieres but also in the background touches of chipotle just to support the toasted taste of corn in popcorn.

Its spiciness is present but intermediate, it is suitable for beginners and adepts alike, on a runny tortilla, a crab tostada or aglio e olio spaghetti.

Ultra limited quantity as usual.

Composition: corn 50%, my fermentation kombucha, chipotle, flower pollen 25%, sugar 14%, yellow habanero 8%, salt 2%, garlic 1%

Net weight: 100ml

Keep cool after opening