Cry me a pepper / Fooding x Sweet

Cry me a pepper / Fooding x Sweet

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This category of sauce is exclusive since it is produced from rare & ultra-seasonal ingredients! Zero fat, low in calories, 100% natural.
Intended for connoisseurs, they are produced only once a year.

For this sauce, the Belgian brand has chosen to partner with Le Fooding - the famous guide that gives good tips in Paris and throughout France.

Bring out the tissues, they concocted this tear-busting sauce over the sacred fire: a mix of Mexican chipotle peppers with Kriek vinegar aged in oak barrels and cherries macerated for 3 months in beer.

The morita pepper was smoked with pecan wood and gives all its charm to the sauce!

We finish with a touch of ultra juicy, firm and sweet organic summer apples, Belgian organic peppers and finally habanero peppers grown on the roof of the Abattoirs in Brussels, in aquaponics, without any chemicals.

This gives a balance between the roundness of the fruit, the acidity and the unique aroma of the kriek, and the subtle smokiness of the chilli.

The production has been limited to 846 vials.

Heat: 6/10

Ps: All the sauces produced are made from peppers that grow in Brussels in aquaponics! They also grow within 2km of where the sauces are produced!

Composition: peppers, Kriek Cantillon vinegar, summer potatoes, chipotle peppers, garlic, Kriek Cantillon puree, habanero peppers, brown sugar, Guérande salt

Net weight: 100ml

Keep cool after opening