Green tomato and chilli sauce

Green tomato and chilli sauce

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"Yes, I'm green. Put aside your prejudices and taste me. I'm probably the best way to eat green tomato, a delicate fruit that surprises. I I am far from meeting the criteria of many palaces, and that is precisely what makes me a true revolutionary."

Green tomato and chilli sauce, by far the best way to eat this tasty little fruit, both sweet and sour.
Marciana stands out from all other sauces, but once you've tasted it, you can't do without it, whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Goes great with: Chilaquiles, quesadillas and tacos. No Mexican dish can resist it, not even Mediterranean. Fried or scrambled eggs, rice, white meat, pork, even white fish and poultry. The Marciana sauce takes the risk!

Flavour: sour, fresh and natural

Spiciness level: medium

Composition: Green tomato*, coriander*, serrano pepper*, raw salt*. garlic*, cumin*, xanthan.

*Organic labeled products

Net weight: 212ml