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Thibault, the creator of the sauces: "The Fumado sauce was my favorite but it's not strong enough anymore..." So he decided to create a super hot version of the FUMADO.

It's basically the same recipe, slightly adapted with CAROLINA REAPER peppers (officially the most potent pepper in the world), which give it a good dose of heat with a little ignition delay in mouth.

Carolina reapers grown in Brussels, AOC green oak smoked cayenne peppers, red onions, garlic and Belgian candy sugar.

It really goes with everything.

Production has been limited to 280 vials.

Heat: 10/10

Ps: All the sauces produced are made from peppers that grow in Brussels in aquaponics! They also grow within 2km of where the sauces are produced!

Composition: red onions, cider vinegar, carolina reaper peppers, spring water, brown sugar, AOC pimentón de la vera, garlic, Guérande salt, spices

Net weight: 100ml

Keep cool after opening