Fermented Lemon

Fermented Lemon

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These fermented lemons shine like the sun and have an exquisite flavor!

After several weeks of fermentation, the lemons begin to lose their bitterness and acquire their characteristic citric flavor and complex acidity. In North Africa, they are used as a condiment, for example to flavor stews in Moroccan cuisine.

Try them at home to enhance butter or mayonnaise, to flavor a rice or stew, or simply toss with olives as a savory appetizer. The flesh, skin and liquid are all delicious! Highly recommended tip: stir some of the pulp into your favorite hummus, then sprinkle the diced lemon peel on top.

Roots Radicals Fermented Lemons are alive. This means you will be taking home a healthy probiotic product that over time will continue to evolve. Some important things you need to know: ⁠

Make sure the lemons are always submerged under the liquid. ⁠
If you run out of liquid, just add more water or lemon juice.⁠
Store in the fridge where the fermentation process will be slower.
If you notice white spots, Don't worry ! This harmless yeast called Kahm is the result of exposure to oxygen. Just skim it, wash the lemons, and keep enjoying.

Roots Radicals is a zero-waste business that operates on the principles of a circular economy. Fermented lemons are produced from 95% recovered food.

Ingredients: lemons, sea salt.

Net weight: 550g

Keep refrigerated after opening.