Purple Haze

Purple Haze

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Prepared with Belgian blueberries and yellow habaneros peppers from Brussels, it first stands out for its esoteric purple color, like the cape of a cool magician.
Its super power is to make n any purple preparation: mayonnaise, pie crust, salad dressing, etc. while gently awakening the taste buds.

Its magical taste, with no added sugar, a little salty, the aroma of blueberries goes hand in hand with a hint of ginger and lime, and a fairly complex spice blend composed of sage, coriander, green sichuan etc.

A little “taste of coming back to it”.

Very versatile, perfect with cheese, charcuterie or steamed vegetables, and everything in between.

The production was limited to 288 bottles.

Warmth: 4/10

Ps: All the sauces produced are made from peppers that grow in Brussels in aquaponics! They also grow less than 2km from where the sauces are produced!

Composition: blueberries, pears, cider vinegar, habanero peppers, ginger, brown sugar, lime, Guérande salt, spices

Net weight: 100ml

Keep cool after opening